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AJR Kids Educational Songs & Nursery Rhymes For Kids!

AJR Kids TV, a production of That Cloud School, brings you lots of engaging nursery rhymes and educational songs full of colorful animations and creativity for your little ones.

Introduce your kids to a whole new series of exciting adventures where they can learn numbers, letters, colors, animal sounds, and more, in a fun-loving way.

Fill your kid’s quality time with fun and engaging videos sung by children, babies, and toddlers all over the world.

Here every video is designed to entertain young children, encourage their creativity, and spark their imagination; keeping them engaged and happy in a world that revolves around their everyday experiences.

While your toddlers sing and dance along with their favorite songs and rhymes, they acquire the moral values through these videos to be the Next Generation Champs.


Why AJR Kids TV?

Ever wondered how nursery rhymes and songs stick to the minds of young kids? Because they are not only entertaining but also contribute to developing an ear for the language and build their early literacy skills. Both rhyme and rhythm help kids to hear the sounds and syllables in words, add words to their vocabulary, and build their memory.

At AJR Kids TV, our nursery rhymes and songs are educational, and enjoyable at the same time. Each rhyme comes with a moral lesson, so your little ones can watch the mesmerising videos, learn lyrics of their favorite rhymes, and develop an interest to learn in an entertaining way.

Who are we?

AJR Kids TV is a production of That Cloud School, a leading online educational platform, providing interactive learning solutions for all age groups.

With AJR Kids TV, we aim to build education into the daily routine of young kids. The animated characters and beautiful animation in the videos are built to inspire kids and tell tales of activities that they recognize. With their favorite characters, they are ready to sing and learn all day long.

What We Offer

A collection of your child’s all-time favorite nursery rhymes and educational songs that they can sing and learn all along.

Enjoy hours of entertainment and learning while watching an awesome collection of nursery rhymes YouTube videos!